Do I smell spring?

Yep, Spring is in the air! A lot of people associate this time of the year with lovely fresh blooms. During this time we like filling our lovely living areas with beautiful and bountiful springy blooms.

I guess it is fitting to share with you quick steps towards long lasting blooms this Spring.

Firstly, ensure that you clean your blooms stems by removing all leaves around.

Secondly, rinse the stems of your blooms once you have removed the leaves

Thirdly, cut off 1 cm bottom part of the stems to ensure that your stems absorb maximum fresh water

Fourthly, place all your stems in a clean vase filled with fresh water

Finally, make sure that you change your vase water every day or second day and refrain from placing them in direct sunlight.


These simple steps will ensure that you enjoy your Spring blooms for longer!

Wishing you a blooming spring!


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