Frosted Christmas Wreath


Jingle bells! Jingle Bells! Yes, it’s that time of the year! The festive season is upon us!

Celebrate Christmas and beautify your home by purchasing from us this lovely Christmas Wreath made from dried fynbos, pincushions and adorned with festive Christmas decorations.

This wreath can be stored nicely and reused for the next festive season.

Hanging a Christmas wreath is one of the most magical parts of Christmas, but how do you ensure your Frosted Christmas Wreath still looks its best on Christmas Day and beyond?

Tip #1:

Prep your door for your Frosted Christmas Wreath

A dirty door can rub off on your Frosted Christmas Wreath, causing it to wilt prematurely. The biggest mistake we make is not cleaning it beforehand – you should always start with a well-maintained, clean door. Wash down the door before hanging your beautiful wreath to ensure that it looks it's absolute best.

Tip #2:

Tweak your Frosted Christmas Wreath to look fuller

Take some time to fluff your wreath before hanging to make sure that it is full, not flat! Tweak the berries and pinecones to make sure they are all straight. Then once it's hung, give your wreath a quick once over every few days to check the decorations and hydration levels.

Tip #3:

Water, water, water

A spray bottle is the easiest way to give your wreath a good drink, and don't be afraid to use it often. Give it a spritz every few days to keep it hydrated but be careful that the decorations don’t get damaged.

Tip #4:

Shelter from the harsh elements outside.

Extreme temperatures, wind and rain can cause needles to drop or discolor. Keep your real wreath cool – avoid putting it in direct sunlight to keep it fresher for longer.


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