Is that the Easter Breeze Sweeping Through?

Easter Holy Days are here!

Usually Easters holidays are a reminder for me that winter season is approaching. Also they serves as a reminder to start clearing, packing away my summer wardrobe and bring the warm and chunky clothing to the fore. It is also a reminder to ready the heaters and fire places as we embrace and welcome the cold months ahead.

The most interesting one for me is the reminder to secure that tiny sunny spot at home, coiling up with a hot cuppa drink whilst indulging in a good read.  Maybe to some it is that time of the year to do some winter clearing and donating some of your Summer clothing that was not put to good use the previous season. To others it could be a reminder to part with some money and indulge in a new Winter wardrobe.

To Christians it’s the reminder that His only son, Jesus Christ died on the cross for our rebirth and renewal through the cleansing of our sins.

In my craft, this period is exciting as we embrace a variety of textures and rich and bold colour pallets that are expected to sweep the floral industry. As the warm weather drifts away, the cold signals the longevity of blooms to the joy of flower lovers, though a pitch to the wallet as the floral prices spikes. I must say it is my preferred season simply because of the abundance of flora species that grace the markets during this time.

To most if not everyone, it is period to enjoy quality family time.

On that note, wishing you a safe and peaceful Easter holidays!

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