The Festive mood has landed!

ten your belts, the festive season has graced us!

This is the special time where all friends and family gather to share special South African holiday moments.

This is the season of laughter, joy and gifting! What I love during this time is the preparations that comes with this season. The joy that I witness from my children as they take out the Christmas tree from the box, which has gathered dust due to 11 months of being tucked away in storage, and re-assembling and adorning it with decorations, is fulfilling. I can hear their excitement and it signifies that school holidays are about to begin.

The festive season reminds me of an abundance of seasonal fruits such as sweet fresh mangoes, crisp and sweet watermelon and fresh mealies that I buy from a street vendor down the road. It also reminds me of the culture of gifting that my family has embraced and which I hope it grows from strength to strength, from generation to generation.

A season of hot summer days, losing count of what day it is and just going with the flow. When we were growing up, we used to get new clothing during this time and the excitement that came with that is still difficult to describe. These days our kids don’t find joy at all in new clothing as this is a gesture that they receive throughout year, not only during special moments.

Above all, it is the time to give thanks to the Lord for protection and the gift of life during these difficult times of the COVID19. As we indulge in the festivities, let us not forget to do so responsibly and safely!

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Happy Festive Season to you and yours!


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