Its Garden Day, Yay!

 South Africa will be celebrating Garden Day on Sunday, 15 October. It is a day which enables everyone to down tools and enjoy quality time in their gardens, surrounded by nature or nurturing that small vegetable or herb garden that you have created.

Since the inception of this glorious day a few years ago, people have created beautiful floral crowns using their garden foliage and flowers to celebrate this day. This is another lovely tradition that I’m fond of.

Here are simple steps towards creating your floral crown

  • Create a nice circular/round format or structure using your garden foliage and tie it together with wire or cable ties. It is important to check if your circular structure fits your head nicely and firm and adjust it accordingly if it doesn’t.
  • Put a variety of blooms from your garden and secure them nicely by wiring them around the foliage base
  • Voila! your crown is ready to be placed on your head.

Whilst we celebrate garden day, let’s not forget that we are living in COVID19 times and let’s celebrate it responsibly and safely.

I am a hopeless garden lover and I will certainly be spending my time with my loves in the garden playing and maybe introducing a few herbs in our veggie patch!


Happy Garden Day Everyone!


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